Hi, I’m David. I’m currently working on a degree in Digital Media Design. I love music, design, books, photography, film making and my family. People tell me I have a talent for clicking amazing pictures. Along with photos I’m also extremely passionate about creating short films and movies that stir people’s emotions. I’m looking for ways to further my skills in this field to impact people by producing movies that make a difference.


3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I love your Style Analysis Series, Please Continue these. I needed to know about Brandon W. and you basically helped me analyzed what I needed to know that i can try out and apply ro my own style i want! Thank You for your time and I love that You’re like me in the “Stirring Emitions” Aspect

    -Indie Aries


  2. I am JUST seeing this, I do apologize. I would like to see other analysis even for Artists, Designers, and Authors. It will give more insight on what to read or who to check out.


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