Style Analysis – Sam Kolder


This is the second post in a short series that will focus on forming an analysis on a selected photographers works. The idea behind this is to form a better understanding of various photography and editing styles and methods and to eventually create my own style. The end goal of this series is to eventually create my own unique style of photography whereby I will at a later point create an Instagram account to showcase.

Point to note – photography is subjective. This is not a post pointing out what I think are “good” and “bad” photos, rather I’m trying to take a fairly objective view and simply examine the techniques and style preferences of the photographers.

Sam Kolder

Sam Kolder is a traveling film maker and photographer from Canada. His photography can be found on Instagram @sam_kolder while his videos are hosted on his YouTube channel.

(Kolder, 2017)


Sam’s photos are usually portraits of himself as he travels to different places. As a result his portraits are designed to showcase the place or background more than the person.

  • Composition

For Sam’s photos the background is as equally important, if not more important, than the person in the frame. To accomplish this he uses a wide angle lens with a smaller aperture to keep the background in focus. Another point to note is that the camera is almost never at the same height as the person, it’s usually either higher or lower. This helps provide the photos with their dramatic vibe.

  • Model

Just because Sam’s photos are captured to show-off the grand backdrops, doesn’t mean that the person in the frame isn’t important though. One of his styles is the way he poses for the camera. His head is nearly always faced away from the camera, not looking at it directly. And the expressions – well there isn’t much. He keeps a straight, neutral face throughout most of his photos.

  • Color

Lastly there’s the color. Sam’s photos lean toward a warmer, almost brown, color tone. The oranges and blues especially are given added attention in editing making them pop a little more compared to other colors.


And those are my observations of Sam Kolder’s photos. This is not meant to be an detailed analysis, but simply my observations, and as such I might miss some things that you might have noticed. So did you notice anything? Leave a comment if something caught your eye!


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